The importance of choosing a luggage for holiday

If you are about to embark on a trip or if you have planned one for the future, you will certainly need a travel suitcase and this purchase guide will be for you.It is practically impossible to claim to travel for long periods without a travel luggage by your side. Clothes, shoes, personal items: the travel suitcase can hold almost anything, usually it is not too cumbersome and is easy enough to transport, thanks to the classic wheels now common to all models.If you are interested, request a suitcase with double bottom and hidden pockets, they will be perfect for hiding any important or valuable items.

Travel suitcase types

You must know that, with the term travel suitcase, it is not meant only the classic suitcase available in any specialized store. You need to choose the luggage based on the trip you will have to deal with. It is important to buy a baggage whose dimensions and characteristics are as small as possible for your trip or you will find yourself with problems of space and portability.Consider the dimensions, internal and external. Evaluate the length of the handle, the dimensions of the internal pockets and evaluate the presence of any pockets to hold small objects.

If you have already bought a luggage, before going on a trip try to fill it up to the brim. By doing so, you will understand the tightness of the hinges. If they are strong enough, you will not have any problem to bring back some more garments.One last important factor could be the presence of backpacks integrated into the suitcase. Some travel suitcases are accompanied by small backpacks, which can be mounted on the suitcase by means of hinges or resistant buttons. Consequently they are also removable and you do not have to carry one on the shoulders from the start.

Rigid suitcases

Similar to the trolley, the rigid suitcases follow the same philosophy. It is a towing travel suitcase, equipped with handle and wheels. Their main feature lies in the construction usually made of plastic, which make them precisely rigid and indeformable.This makes them mostly suitable for maintaining order in the internal arrangement. They are available for purchase in various sizes, even smaller ones to promote practicality in transport. The main disadvantage consists in the lack of flexibility, which cannot be exceeded with internal objects.

Conclusion: Duffel bag or backpack?

An alternative to trolleys and rigid suitcases consists of travel bags, whose structure closely resembles the bags used by sportsmen. Usually they are provided only with two handles and a shoulder strap and this involves the inconvenience in having to bear the weight of the baggage on their shoulders or arms.However, given the material with which they are produced, they are extremely flexible and it is possible to slightly exceed the content.

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